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Jeff Kelly
Mild mannered writer by day, mild mannered but somewhat more intoxicated writer by night.
Jeff Kelly
Who’s the Best “That Guy” in Movies?
March 24th, 2014 in Media > Celebrities

In honor of James Rebhorn’s passing.

Five Not So Inspirational Winter Olympic Moments
February 12th, 2014 in Sports > Olympics > Sports > Other

Sometimes it’s fun to take a great athlete down a peg.

Five Inspirational Winter Olympic Moments
February 9th, 2014 in Sports > Olympics

Does anyone really care about luge, or curling?

Movie Poster Roundup, Volume III
January 16th, 2014 in Media > Movies

It’s always a good idea to make premature judgments on movies based on their posters!

Scenes from Virgin Mobile #FreeFest
September 23rd, 2013 in Travel > Do

FreeFest offered great music, good food, lots of booze, and outstanding people watching.

Seven Rules Nearly Every Sports Movie Follows
July 5th, 2013 in Sports > Other

A Montage, Inspirational Speech, and Miraculous Ending

Five Hot 80s Actresses Who Just Disappeared
May 2nd, 2013 in Girls > Actresses

Parachute pants, Thunder Cats, and hot actresses who were never seen again.

Five Great TV Scenes About Weed
April 20th, 2013 in Media > Television

Weed on TV is high comedy, and more common than you think.

Five People Who Will Ruin the Final Four for You
April 5th, 2013 in Sports > Basketball

Rest assured, these people will make sure your Final Four experience sucks balls.

Helpful Tips to Avoid Being “That Guy” at a Super Bowl Party
February 1st, 2013 in Humor > Lists

Once again, we’re happy to offer you helpful tips.