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Karl Smallwood

Karl Smallwood

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Karl Smallwood
KFC for Christmas? Only in Japan
December 23rd, 2013 in Grub > Food

Japan almost gets Christmas. Almost.

He beat a man to death with it once.
November 11th, 2013 in Humor > Lists

Badass stories are the best kind of stories.

What You Should Probably Know About That Guy Fawkes Mask
November 5th, 2013 in Humor > Pop Culture

Think before you post that image macro.

The REAL Scariest Prank Ever
October 28th, 2013 in Humor > Videos

“Scariest prank ever” is thrown around a lot these days, this one IS the scariest.

The Three Most Badass Stories About Actors Who Played Jason Voorhees
October 21st, 2013 in Media > Celebrities

…and you thought Jason was a badass.

Terrifying Examples of Video Game AI
October 17th, 2013 in Gadgets > Games

Watch us over analyze video game artificial intelligence.

How Many People Illegally Downloaded the Breaking Bad Finale?
October 1st, 2013 in Media > Television

Stealing is wrong, then again, Walter White wasn’t exactly an angel was he?

Bryan Cranston: The Hardest Working Man on TV
September 29th, 2013 in Media > Celebrities

Method acting is a lot easier when you’re awesome.

Bill Gates Admits He Hates Ctrl+Alt+Del Too Late to Change its Fate
September 27th, 2013 in Gadgets > Internet

Surprising news from the world of Microsoft.

Animal Print Onesies Have Been Banned from an English Zoo
September 27th, 2013 in Travel > See

Some folks are just asking to be mauled.