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Akie Kotabe – Actor

Gunaxin had the pleasure of hangin’ with actor Akie Kotabe in New York last April during a prescreening party of the film Midgets vs. Mascots at the Tribeca Film Festival. He plays a scene-stealing referee in the film. Akie lives in Los Angeles, and has appeared in CSI: Miami, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and ER, amongst other things. He and his co-star, Terra Jolé, answered Gunaxin’s Six Questions.

Six Questions:

Who is your favorite Athlete?
images5 75x75 My sports knowledge is pretty low as a mini-ramp skateboarder … but I gotta say Drew Brees was one year above me at my high school (Westlake High) and he did something awesome the other night at the Super Bowl.  I didn’t watch, and I don’t know what – but I’m glad a fellow Chap is makin’ waves out here.  My other favorite would be Tiger Woods.

Who is your favorite Hottie?
hiswife Gotta state it for the record – I’m married and gladly haven’t been fantasizing.  My wife is an amazing girl and I’m glad she flew out from London to live with me here in West Hollywood.

Who is your favorite Comedian?
images6 75x75 It’s still gotta be Eddie Murphy … from those Raw days.  Perhaps I have a heightened memory of childhood, but that guy was funny as hell in the Beverly Hills Cop movies, and still remains to be a very dedicated comedian.  I can’t say I follow his latest and greatest, but I still remember a really funny guy doin’ his Rocky impression from when I was 12 or so.

What is your favorite Movie?
image 71x75 I watch a crap-ton of movies.  Sometimes, I can watch an entire one drinking a sixer and walk away not even thinking I’d wasted 90-120 mins.  And they always change.  But some notable recent ones include Avatar, Precious, and Transformers 2.  Less fleeting would include Raging Bull, The Departed, and Scent of a Woman.

What is your favorite Gadget?
images7 75x75 The Nintendo DS.  What gadget do I use less hours per day yet makes an airplane ride or time waiting on set seem more tolerable?  Get Tony Hawk on that sucker and you’re good for mind-numbing.  Not awesome-ness … just mind numbing.  I switch between that and Brain Age to keep my brain from getting too dumb.

What is your favorite Beer?
images8 75x75 Like movies – I consume and consume.  In the end, I’ve found I’m more a Spaten/Becks/Stella type guy.  But beer is like another water – for me, as long as it’s not too full of sweet crap, and has a nice crisp taste … I love the suds.

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