The Stunning Eyes of Lene Egeli

egeli29 199x300Lene Egeli is a Norwegian model and beauty queen who won the title of Miss Norway, or Frøken Norge, this year. She also has competed in the Norwegian versions of Top Model and Face of the Year. Or one may recognize her from her Revlon television commercial. Either way, she’s a stunning beauty with great eyes.

Egeli grew up in Stavanger, the petroleum capital and fourth largest city in Norway. It was also the European Capital of Culture for 2008. In addition to her duties as Miss Norway, Egeli is working as a model and assisting as a substitute teacher/after-school program’s assistant. I don’t really remember teachers like her in school, maybe I missed something? Her ambition is to further her education to enable her to become a Teacher or a Psychologist, but then again this modeling thing might just work out.

Her interests include running, skiing, shopping, and traveling. She likes to read, citing her favorite book as The Diary of Anne Frank. She also enjoys listening to different kinds of music and  has a love of international food. Her motto is, “Treat others as you would like to be treated”.

But I’m sure you’ve learned enough about her biography. Let’s see some pictures…